You Get What You Give.

Life can be hard sometimes… even when you do nothing wrong but still face hardships in everyday life. That makes you wonder why is it happening, You do good and deserve better.

Maybe it is time to make the shift. You are not doing anything wrong, maybe you are not doing enough. Some people never do wrong but they never contribute, they just want to stay out of it. So, in this case, you are not giving in, how can you expect something to come back. It’s like expecting to win a lotto, but you have not even bought the ticket.

Every day is an opportunity that we all should appreciate and do something good to yourself and to others. Consider everyone around you as your family, not just some random strangers. A lot of the times people see something happen and ignore it as they are shy or, people are too scared to approach a stranger as they think that it might be weird, but it not.

Think about your day and see what is your contribution to society. You don’t need to overthink it. Just simply start by helping one individual a day. Help someone cross the road, someone drops something you pick it up and help them, hold the door for someone, let someone through when they need to. Be courteous.

Just in case when you do good and bad stuff keeps happening. The best thing to do is, keep doing good, believe it or not, good things will start happening. Life is like a magnet, you get what you attract. That’s how this universe works, you help others that is your good deed. Good things will start happening to you, because you are content without even realising, after doing something good.

If you smile, you feel happier. Try it, you do feel the difference. It’s all everyday stuff that you can do to be the better version of yourself. Life can be hard, we go through ups and downs. It can be difficult at that instance of time to deal with, remember this too shall pass. It is not going to be like this forever. Things will get better. You can make them better.

Always help someone when they are going through tough times. You will have someone by your side when you go through some hardships in life. This universe is amazing.

Put it this way, if you are that person who is always trying to turn people around for your benefit and playing games to get ahead of others.
One day everyone catches up and you lose it all in one way. You do not want to take short cuts and ruin people’s lives and get ahead, because later on you regret and it affects your health. Do good and you got nothing to lose. No one can say anything bad to your face or behind your back.

Peace is way more important than any other thing. If you want something so bad, you should work for it. This is the problem of society now, they want everything without working for it. I have heard and seen lots of people playing up to get money from others, but I also see them suffering in one way or the other. At the end of the day, they are not happy. So I do not think it is worth it.

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