“No jab- no work” is an absolute joke.

No has the right to force you to put chemicals in your body.And no one has the right to stop you from working and providing food for your family.

This is not good for anyone who is just surviving by day to day bills and has to lose a job if they are taking decisions to protect their health.

Every individual has the right to choose for themselves. Obeying the rules doesn’t mean you have to put chemicals in the body. We all follow the valid rules like keeping social distance, wearing a mask etc.

As an individual I have never touched a pill or put any other medicine in my body, I believe in using the fruit and vegetables to provide the nourishment that I require. It has worked so far.

So why would I put chemicals in my body now?

I am glad my Union is standing up against people who forced us to do so, at least here in Queensland.

People need to not get scared every time Governments try to stop you from living your life. Stand up for your rights, no one else will.

Vaccines are not a solution to the problem. It’s been said even after vaccination you might still get Covid-19. So why would you put poison in your body.Wake up People.

Medical industry is nothing but a money making scheme. Imagine how much money they are going to make out of these vaccinations, millions. And by the time people get sick and admit in hospitals for further treatment, it’s going to cost people billions and yet no one understands. Why would they stop, everyone is getting paid to keep their mouths shut. So, people wake up, speak up, before it’s too late.

Don’t let them preach you, brainwash you. Governments and other media, they only show you what they want you to see. And all the other relevant meaningful information is banned and removed from all the platforms.

If someone speaks their mind they get banned on social media for a month. What’s happening in this world, getting banned for speaking your mind. We all need to stop this from happening. Do something now and save your future.


I wrote it before everything went bit crazy all around Australia, especially in Melbourne. So I think this article needed an update.

Pushing people to the limits is no good, And it has caused nothing but chaos in the country. Forcing people to get jabbed is not on. Then threatening them about losing their job is another thing.

The people who sit in their fancy offices and make decisions, don’t care about our livelihood. They do not care if you will be jobless and how would you provide for yourself or your family.

Targeting construction industry is one of the worst thing the governments could have done. This country is built and is still developing thanks to all the construction workers, who work so hard and this is the way they are being rewarded.

A lot of construction workers including me are on minimum wages. I still pay the Union fees, which is about $1200 a year. Construction workers do not get proper rates being contractors etc. All the casual workers don’t know if they are working the next day as it is no guarantee being labour hire. They do not get paid on the days that the job get canceled due to weather conditions and other reasons like public holidays etc.

It is almost impossible to save with that kind of money when you have to pay all the bills. A lot of people live paycheque to paycheque every week. It is very hard for them to get out of renting and buy a place as it’s very hard to save up for a deposit.

There’s a lot more to this as I am in the industry now. I see a lot that other people have no idea about. In a nutshell, people need to respect the hands that built this country and are continuing to work hard to build it. As mentioned above, they barely survive where the developers make millions and billions out of it.

Do not let them divide and conquer.


Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller // www.karmicembers.com

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Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller // www.karmicembers.com