JB Hi-Fi: Always a bad experience.

Monopoly in Australia, putting all the small businesses out of business. As a customer, you should know where to buy your products from and where not to buy your products from.

Lately whenever I go to their store. You need assistance, you can not find anyone. When you find someone and want to know more about the product or talk about it, they are not interested. They want you to get the product, go to the counter and pay for it.

Important point while buying apple products. Apple has a change of mind policy where you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with the product for whatever the reason is, whereas JB, would not even consider looking at the device that you just bought even a minute after you open the packaging, Forget about returning it.

Personal experience: I bought an iPhone SE as I was told by the staff that the iphone XR is discontinued and they will not be selling it anymore.

Big screen size difference for almost the same price

Both these phones cost the same, but the XR is a much bigger screen and has better functions, etc. So I took their word bought the SE and I visit the store 2 days after for headphones, and what do I see, The store has got XRand I thought I should talk to the staff and they completely denied it. They did not care. Spoke to the manager, could not care less. The kind of response I got was, it is what it is. We do not decide what we sell. We do not refund.

Incident 2:
Went to buy a Uniden radio that I saw online a few days before visiting the store. So the person who served me looked for 1 second and decided that they do not have it in stock. I left the store and I thought I need the radio urgently, so I went online had a look again and it came up that they have that radio in stock. So within 2–3 minutes, I went back to the store and another person served me. He had to get up on the ladder to get the radio out. So he found it in a minute. And I looked at the person who served me before, they were busy having a group chat when customers were waiting for assistance. This was shocking as within 5 minutes, someone denied they have that product and someone made the effort to look for it.

Incident 3:
Got wireless earbuds as a gift for christmas and they were faulty. One earbud connects to the phone and the other earbud doesnot connect. I tried few times it connected for a minute and still the same. Went to the store, and I was treated like s#*T. I am a very strong person I can handle situations like this. So I was told that the packaging is open we can not do anything. I am dreaming to get a refund etc.
So i decided to move on to another store instead of wasting my energy with some toxic person. The other store guy was very curious and questioned me, more like an interrogation. So I thought I will find a third person in the same store, hopefully, a manager or the guy in charge. So i explained to them the whole issue, i was frustrated at that stage. I just asked them to try the earbuds and if they connect i will take them. But if they do not connect i want my refund. So he tested them out and they did not work. I got my refund but that was painful.

Some staff members are really nice. The problem is with the company, it is not customer-focused. They do not care about customers' experience. The only thing they care about is the product that they sell and when it leaves the store their job is done. If you bring something back, they will tell you to call the company of the product directly, they do not want to deal with it.

Incident 4:
I once got an extended warranty on headphones through Jb, my headphones were not working properly, went to the store and they did not want to deal with me. They gave me another number to call and that person told me to go back in store and get another pair of headphones or a refund. So I did and got a refund, but the staff is not happy to help you out, which for a customer is very important. I have not visited that store again. I will go to another store or find it online from another company.

So many bad experiences, I have mentioned four of them. There are more but what is the point. Know your rights, more than that, know where you are valued as a customer. Support the businesses that support you. There are plenty of smaller stores that will help you find the right products for you and serve you with a smile. Remember these businesses run if you support them, so show your support where it truly matters.

This is an example of an electronics company, people can relate this to so many other businesses. I have heard different stories and a few of my friends had bad experiences in cafes, grocery stores, etc. A customer does not deserve to be treated badly, if you are having a bad day go home. If you work for a company, you should represent them in the best way possible and make it a great experience for everyone.

There are plenty of good businesses with good people who are happy to help. Support businesses that support you. Stand up for yourself, do not let all these bad people get away with it. You are more powerful than you think you are.



Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller // www.karmicembers.com

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Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller // www.karmicembers.com