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Mental Health

Men and women are like two sides of a coin. They are two different types of a species. I am sharing my concern and thoughts on how health of men is affected and is not yet considered as an issue as men do not cry and “a man’s gotta man up and deal with it.” Silly things like this have caused so much trouble in life of men. They were and are still being pushed to not react to all the things as if a man cries is not cool.
Women can easily talk about something and get it off their chest. But with men it does not work that way, they can take it to their heart. It is sad to see so many men committing suicide as the pressure is too much to take. It does not happen to just men, it happens to women too. But for concerns like this, there is always a combined approach which is not right.

This is my little contribution to bring out the awareness and it would be very helpful if this community can understand and work with it to avoid any more deaths. Life can get hard sometimes, little things that bother you can become massive obstacles and it can be hard to deal with them. So if this article helps anyone, it would be great. If you know anyone who is going through some hard times, do not hesitate talk with them. Because it is great to talk about stuff.

Self help books do help. I have been reading Wayne Dyer, his approach towards life is amazing. We all need to be grateful for the life we have got. Remember there is someone out there dreaming about life like yours. Life can be unpredictable sometimes you lose someone and go through a heartache, some people can not deal with a break up. No one has the right to judge, you do not know how true their love was, some connections are eternal.

Another important thing is, there are so many obstacles these days. You can not say anything openly these days as you do not know who is going to get offended. I am using this platform to share my views with intention to help someone. This is my purpose. I am going to keep a positive approach and keep learning and improving and bringing the awareness as that’s what we do.




Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller //

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Inspo Blogs

Inspo Blogs

Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller //

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