Everything you need to be a Great Coffee Barista at home

It’s not that complicated. So becoming a great barista is easier than ever before. To make it easy, it’s a three step process.

  1. Buying a coffee machine.

2. Finding the right milk.

3. Finding the right coffee.

Everyone is different, a lot of people enjoy drinking instant coffee. To them coffee is coffee, doesn’t matter where it’s from. But many people don’t know any different and they are addicted to that instant coffee.

Coffee is something that you don’t want to compromise on. And at the same time you don’t wanna spend money at cafes everyday for your daily dose of caffeine.

If you buy a coffee from the coffee shop everyday for a month, it will cost you $150. This is without adding any extras like alternative milk, decaf coffee, extra shot etc. that will cost you $200. Which will be many people these days who prefer all the extras as they are very specific about the taste of their coffee.

So for the price of your coffee for a month you will be able to get a decent coffee machine for your home, and then you can make as many coffees as you want. And I am not kidding, the coffee is as good as the cafes, sometimes even better.

Buying a coffee machine.

Coffee machines are so affordable now, they have drastically gone down in size and price. There are plenty of options out there, see what type of coffee machine would work for you.

Trial and error

You will have to play around with the coffee machine and see what works for you, which coffee you like, what milk works for you normal milk, soy, oat etc and what brand milk tastes good and makes the best coffee. Same thing goes for coffee that you will use with your machine, there are different brands out there. So it’s a trial and error, see what tastes the best.

Finding the right milk

There are about 10 or more different types of milks available in the supermarkets. Just in normal milk there are so many different types. There is light milk, skim milk, lactose free, full cream, zymil, reduced fat etc.

Then you have a whole different range of milk like soy, almond, oat, coconut etc. And in all these types of milks you have different brands, some would work with coffee some wouldn’t.

So you will have to decide what milk you want to go for. I have tried at least 10 different milks before I found the right milk for me, I use Organic Soy Milk by Macro. So now I keep my milk stocked up and it makes the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Finding the right coffee.

You can buy cheap ground coffee from the supermarkets. And then if you want to spend a bit more you can buy coffee from local coffee shops and coffee roasters.

You can buy coffee online these days. There are so many different options out there. You can get coffee delivered easily now.

I don’t have a coffee grinder, so I buy ground coffee instead of coffee beans. You can buy a grinder and grind your coffee beans, I prefer not to do that as you can buy ground coffee everywhere. I don’t like things laying around on my kitchen bench and the grinders are very noisy. And it’s another $100 to spend on a grinder which is not necessary as you can buy ground coffee from the shops for no extra cost.


Internet is not always bad, especially when you are buying a coffee machine. Get online find the right machine that suits your budget. And when you select a few machines, make sure you check their reviews properly and see if it is good option for you.



Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller // www.karmicembers.com

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Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller // www.karmicembers.com