Best Motorcycle Advice I have got.

When riding a motorcycle, the wind is a killer. It makes riding an uncomfortable experience as you can not enjoy the ride and all you can hear is the draft of air going through your ears. And as time goes by, it affects your hearing in a bad way. So it’s time to take precautions.

It’s always windy on the motorcycle as you are in the open. Helmet doesn’t block the wind and it shoots the wind through to your ears and causes sudden ringing after some time. It is not good for your ears at all. You can fix this and stop it from happening by an easy solution.

The best advice is, to get reusable ear plugs and wear them every time you go for a ride. These ear plugs are reusable and you can clean them with wet wipes. They come with a few extra plugs to change into. And they are reasonably cheap, so you can buy more after using them for a little while.

After wearing ear plugs it’s a next level experience. It changes the whole riding experience. I highly recommend using them. Experience it for yourself and feel the difference.

It is hard to explain what it does, it feels like you are driving a closed car while you got these earplugs on, while riding a motorcycle. I hope it makes sense. It turns a crazy windy motorcycle experience into a calm peaceful ride. The crazy wind, that’s all you hear on a motorcycle, which is sometimes too much to handle.

You can still hear everything around you when you got earplugs on for safety. So this doesn’t cause distraction like the earbuds do when you listen to music while riding a motorbike. I would not recommend them as it’s a distraction.

On a motorcycle, you need to be extra attentive as we motorbike riders are vulnerable on road. We might be fast, but if something happens when you were not paying attention, the consequences can be very bad. No matter how much motorcycle gear you wear, you are out in the open. You are not in a closed car that will protect you.

At the same time, if you are a confident rider and you know what you are doing and don’t need to worry about it. anything. Well, other people on the road are not going to care about you, as there are a lot of aggressive drivers on the road. That’s not the point, they probably don’t look before switching lanes. So you will have to be extra careful. Never let your anger take over because when that happens your riding level goes down.

Let’s sum it up, your safety is super important. So is your hearing. So protect your ears. Share it with as many people as you can. These little things make a big difference in the long run.



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Motorcyclist // Blogger // Motivator // Entrepreneur // Free Thinker // Writer // Artist //Healthy Cooking // Traveller //