Everything you need to be a Great Coffee Barista at home

It’s not that complicated. So becoming a great barista is easier than ever before. To make it easy, it’s a three step process.

  1. Buying a coffee machine.

2. Finding the right milk.

3. Finding the right coffee.

Everyone is different, a lot of people enjoy drinking instant coffee. To them coffee is coffee, doesn’t matter where it’s from. But many people don’t know any different and they are addicted to that instant coffee.

Coffee is something that you don’t want to compromise on. And at the same time you…

“No jab- no work” is an absolute joke.

No has the right to force you to put chemicals in your body.And no one has the right to stop you from working and providing food for your family.

This is not good for anyone who is just surviving by day to day bills and has to lose a job if they are taking decisions to protect their health.

Every individual has the right to choose for themselves. Obeying the rules doesn’t mean you have to put chemicals in the body. …

Some people are born creative. But some people work hard, learn and are as good at something.

The point is to always keep learning new things, always be ready to learn. Never think that you have learned enough, there is always room for improvement.

What creative thing you can do:

Join art/craft workshop. These can be so much fun you have no idea.

We all take photos, why not learn pro skills by doing a little course.

Learn a musical instrument that you always wanted to. Or learn making music on your computer using the software. …

What is being productive?

Being productive is simply not procrastinating and getting things done instead. For example you do not have time to go for a run. You work around whatever you are doing and you find time for a run.

A lot of the times, people struggle as they overthink things and instead of getting things done, they waste time and get nothing done.

It can be tricky to get things done when you got a lot on your mind. It is hard to start as you do not know where to begin. When I was a kid I…

The Shift, it’s a motivational book and a movie by self-help, life coach,motivational author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Reading is amazing. If you are not a frequent reader, you should start it as reading opens up your mind. Books have so much detail in them. If you are reading a book you are going through the experience through the writer’s eyes as he portrays the story and explains every detail of the situation which you picturise as you read.

A 2-hour movie can not fit as much detail as a book does. But still, if you do not wish…

A lot of people are struggling while sharing go pro videos to the cloud. I was one of them to start with. It is nearly impossible to upload videos, the way it is intended by Go pro.

What Go pro suggests is auto-upload your videos to the Gopro cloud from the go pro itself when it is connected to wifi and plugged in to charge. So when this happens first thing is you can not use the go pro. Not even look at your content, you can not film anything. …

The Hard drive which I was using was the one that macbook pro came with. When i bought this macbook it was very cheap and there was a reason. I bought the macbook in 2016 and it was 2012 model, outdated that’s why it was cheap.

So intially it was okay, then slowly with time it became really slow. After a couple of years i could hardly use it, as whenever i tried turning it on, it went into freeze mode. So I had to. restart it to make it work, sometimes update the software etc. …


Hey beautiful people. i created a website. i thought i would share it with you.

Creating a website is not rocket science, it can be if you have to make one from the scratch and you need a lot of coding experience. But there are better ways to create a website with drag and drop methods instead of coding if you want to get started and start selling.

I have been looking into getting a website running, but there was always some problem. Either the domain name is unsecure and too long to remember. …

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